We are a brass band based in South Buckinghamshire dating back to 1844.

For the first time in our 170 year history, we have been promoted to the second section!
After a fantastic year the band was placed sixth in the London and Southern Counties reginal contest,
which together with our outright win last year placed us top of the third section league table.

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Blowing your own Trombone

The free trombone workshop was the first in a series made possible by a grant from Chiltern District Council. The aim of these workshops is to enable young people to experience the fun of group music making.

The Saturday afternoon session was led by professional trombone players Paul Fisher and Lewis Rowlands, together with demonstrations from the band’s trombone section. At the end of the workshop, the entire group gave a performance of several pieces that they had worked on.

“The sound of 18 trombone students playing James Bond theme music was truly awesome.”
Caroline Perkins, organiser of the workshop

"This first workshop has been a huge success and we hope that it will help us to recruit new players."
Fred Harrison, Band Cairman


How you can help us realise our vision.

We are a brass band committed to high quality music making through developing and nurturing local brass players. The band provides appreciation of music together with cultural and social development for its members and entertains the local community though concerts and events.

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